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Laimburg Research Centre is the leading research institute for agriculture and food processing in South Tyrol. Our goal is to support South Tyrolean agricultural businesses, family farms and food processing companies with scientifically sound experimental and research activities and so to help secure the quality of agricultural products and boost the competitiveness of commercial enterprises. ...

Laimburg Research Center

Laimburg Research Center

Laimburg Research Centre is the research center for the South Tyrolean agricultural and food processing sectors. We are a legal entity, dependent on the Autonomous Province of Bozen / Bolzano.

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since 1962

Initial tests with lower tree forms and beginning of clone selection, varieties and rootstock trials in viticulture


Establishment of the first research fields


Construction of the experimental fruit storage facility


Official founding of Laimburg Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, in accordance with Provincial Act Number 53, issued November 3rd 1975 


Renovation of the farmhouse “Mair am Hof” in Teodone (Dietenheim) near Brunico (Bruneck) for experimentation in arable crop and grassland farming


Rebuilding of Laimburg’s former stable in order to create the first offices of the research centre


Opening of the Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory


First trials for herb cultivation


Establishment of the reference library


Development of a mechanical-biological method for chafer control


Construction of the stone cellar 


Construction of a field office in Oris (Eyrs) for research into vegetable growing, arable crops and grassland farming 


Laimburg clone selection: high-quality Lagrein clones Lb 25, Lb 26 and Lb 3 and loose-clustered clones of Sauvignon Blanc Lb 36, Lb 50


Renovation of Laimburg’s main building and experimental storage facility; construction of the new Plant Protection Building


Beginning of Laimburg’s apple variety breeding programme


Opening of the Molecular Biology Laboratory and establishment of the Gene Bank

since 2003

Accreditation of several laboratories of Laimburg Research Centre according to ISO 17025


Fruit storage technology with a dynamically controlled atmosphere (DCA), developed at Laimburg Research Centre, is put into practice.


Establishment of the Laboratory for Flavours and Metabolites


Start of construction of a new laboratory building on the site of the former Stadlhof Farm followed by the discovery of an Iron Age settlement with some of the earliest evidence of wine production in South Tyrol: grape seeds dating back 2,400 years.


Laimburg Research Centre takes on responsibility for coordinating the food sciences division of the NOI Technology Park and the establishment of research facilities in the field of Food Technology.


The South Tyrol provincial government adopts the “2016–2022 Action Plan for Research and Training in the areas of Mountain Agriculture and Food Sciences”.


Reorganisation: Laimburg Research Centre is given a new statute, a new internal organisational structure and can now concentrate on its core task of research and experimental activities. 


Additional site: The Laboratory for Flavours and Metabolites moves into the NOI Techpark (Bozen/Bolzano).


The first breed numbers of Laimburg’s apple variety breeding programme reach market readiness. Invitation to submit bids and award of exploitation rights.

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