Balancing science and actual practice:

This is how Laimburg Research Centre‘s activity program comes about

Laimburg Research Centre carries out more than 350 projects and activities per year. But who actually decides which topics will be addressed in the annual research program?

The Research Centre‘s program of activities is elaborated and defined in late summer of every year in close coordination with the Centre‘s stakeholders. Already in the following year, Laimburg Research Centre is thus able to solve concrete problems and concerns of the practice by conducting research and experimentation.

Suggestions for possible projects and activities

As an institute in the field of applied research, Laimburg Research Centre attaches particular importance to ensuring that it is aware of the concrete problems of agricultural practice and that its findings reach where they are needed.

To this end, each year, the Research Centre calls upon more than 130 representative organizations of the South Tyrolean agricultural and food processing sectors to present their issues to research and to submit proposals for research projects. These external project proposals are collected and integrated with the internal proposals which the scientists of the Research Centre have developed.

Advisory Board meetings

In late summer of each year, Advisory Board meetings are held at Laimburg Research Centre on all topics that the Research Centre works on.

In these meetings, the respective experts of Laimburg Research Centre and the local representatives of the South Tyrolean agricultural and food processing sector come together to discuss current problems and the submitted proposals for new research projects and activities. All proposals are examined with respect to their feasibility and then prioritized.

Scientific Advisory Board

The prioritizations established in the Advisory Board meetings are then presented in the autumn to the Scientific Advisory Board of Laimburg Research Centre to obtain feedback.

Program of activities finalized

If the Scientific Advisory Board approves the priorities jointly developed in the Advisory Board meetings, the Research Centre’s Director prepares the program of activities for the following year and coordinates it with the Provincial Councilor.

The agreed-upon research program is then published on the Research Centre’s website.